Disk arrays

Storage Disk arrays:

Disk arrays

A storage array provides an independent, standalone platform where disk arrays can be gathered into extremely large groups -- sometimes hundreds of disks. This chapter of our Disk Storage All-In-One Guide looks at the wide range of disk array types, along with product and buyer's advice.

Disk arrays overview:

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  • Storage disk array training courses

    (presented by ComputerWeekly.com)

    Learning Guide -  These storage training course listings include a range of disk array classes, on topics like serial-attached SCSI (SAS) disks, serial ATA (SATA) disks and various aspects of Fibre Channel (FC) SAN disk arrays.

  • Tutorial on disk arrays

    08 Jun 2006

    Article -  A storage array provides a standalone platform where disks can be gathered into groups of up to hundreds of disks. A storage array can protect valuable corporate data by implementing RAID features. An array can contain a variety of drive types, allowing...

High-end disk arrays:

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  • High-end storage array specifications

    Buying Guide -  High-end disk arrays are absolutely essential for organizations that depend on high performance and huge storage capacity. Such complex platforms often demand careful attention and management, but will also include a suite of powerful features, such as...

  • The case for high-end arrays

    Feature -  The gap between midrange and high-end storage arrays has narrowed, enough so that the decision of which storage array to buy is less of a technical decision and more of a business one.

  • Disk and disk subsystems

    Finalists: 2006 Storage P -  Find out who the finalists are for disk and disk subsystems


Low-end-SMB arrays:

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Midrange disk arrays:

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  • Product snapshots: Midrange storage array products

    Buying Guide -  The key for many smaller organizations is to meet their storage needs without adding personnel or increasing the workload on IT professionals that are already overworked. Scalability and data protection are certainly important, and data migration between...

  • Midrange arrays get a makeover

    Feature -  Midrange array makeovers

  • Spotlight on midrange arrays

    Feature -  Midrange arrays can handle most jobs traditionally associated with costly monolithic arrays at a far lower price. Our Special Report describes the benefits of these modular storage systems, profiles 14 of the leading midrange arrays and offers a look at...