Disaster recovery planning and design

Storage Disaster recovery planning and design:

Disaster recovery planning and design

While there is certainly nothing new about disaster occurrences, businesses of all sizes are now re-examining their preparedness and response plans. Learn how to address current disaster recovery capabilities, strategies, tools and products, and how to properly document your disaster recovery plan for maximum effectiveness.

Understanding current disaster recovery capabilities:

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Disaster recovery planning and design overview:

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  • How to plan a disaster recovery strategy

    16 Apr 2008

    Article -  Three components belong in every disaster recovery plan. Your backups must be protected. You must be able to recover your business operation from the backup. And your recovery process must function properly within the timeframe prescribed by your...

Disaster recovery tools and products:

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  • Introducing disk-to-disk-to-disaster recovery

    15 Jun 2006

    Column -  The concept of "That's the way we've always done it" isn't going to work anymore, and it sure won't help you build an efficient disaster recovery plan. It's time to think outside the box when it comes to data protection.

  • Leveraging storage replication for VM disaster recovery

    Tip -  When you're sizing up storage solutions for DR in a virtual environment, you should consider the issues of vendor support; storage architecture; replication options; deduplication; and recovery options.

Disaster recovery strategies vs. business needs:

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