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Disaster recovery planning

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  • How do I establish recovery priority for my applications?

    FAQ -  If it's at the IT level, it comes from a data perspective. When you start moving up a little bit into the business side, people start looking at the applications because they don't really know where the data is. If we talk today about virtualization, you...

  • What is the most important aspect of data protection when it comes to DR?

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    FAQ -  You could answer that with one word really, and I would have to say "testing." Just "testing." Whatever you do when you're protecting data, whether it's a backup, whether it's replication, whatever it is, make sure that you test what you put in place....

  • How far apart should my production and alternate recovery sites be?

    FAQ -  As a good consultant, I would have to use the typical answer; it depends. We have a few things to consider here. First, what kind of disaster are you trying to protect yourself (or your organization) from? Second, what is your geography like?

  • How do I identify what data to replicate and what data to simply backup?

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    FAQ -  It goes back again to the value of the data to your organization -- or the impact of losing access to this data. Typically, from a business continuity perspective, the best way to establish this is through what we call a "business impact analysis," which...