Data storage management process

Data storage management

Data storage management process

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  • Leasing vs. buying storage: A closer look

    Tip -  To help you decide between leasing and buying storage, this tip looks at the pros and cons of each approach along with some situational considerations.

  • Is storage automation right for you?

    Tip -  This tip covers what storage automation is, and what it is not, and what it means to you. Also, you will learn why you should, or should not implement a storage automation product.

  • Build the ultimate storage team

    Tip -  Learn why your storage team should be made up of people with experience in a variety of disciplines, such as networking, server administration and budgetary planning.

  • Guidelines for controlling clustering

    Tip -  This tip outlines different approaches, implementations and the factors to consider to effectively manage clustered resources.

  • Plan ahead to skip storage snags

    Tip -  Marc Staimer explains how testing backups at least once a quarter, encrypting backups in flight and at rest and implementing an effective SRM tool can prevent storage nightmares.

  • SRM packages: A closer look

    Tip -  Storage resource management (SRM) is central to the storage administration in the modern enterprise. But like a lot of terms, SRM tends to conceal as much as it reveals. There are many SRM products available, with at least as many different combinations...

  • Five tips in five minutes: Tiered storage and ILM

    Tip -  This article offers a collection of expert responses to recent reader queries about tiered storage and ILM.

  • Data migration options

    Ask the Expert -  Brett Cooper answers the question: What is the best practice for moving AIX 5.2 data, including an Informix database, over to a SAN that is attached through fiber?