Data migration software

Storage Data migration software:

Data migration software

In the storage consolidation realm, data migration -- the process of moving data from one storage location to another -- is crucial to storage preparation and ongoing management.

Data migration consolidation product specifications:

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  • Simplifying data migration product purchases

    Buying Guide -  Data migration is a key part of any storage consolidation initiative. Learn what product specifications you need to look for when purchasing a data migration tool.

Purchasing data migration tools for storage consolidation:

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Related information-Data migration software:

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  • Automate data migration

    Feature -  Moving seldom-accessed data from primary storage to less-costly storage not only saves money, but can also improve the performance of applications. Hierarchical storage management (HSM) software can help automate the migration of files, but HSM products...

  • Managing data migration among storage tiers

    Tip -  Rick Cook outlines a number of approaches to tiered data migration.

  • Tiered storage buying guide

    Buying Guide -  The practice of tiered storage has emerged as a way to mitigate this expense by keeping mission-critical data on the fastest disk platforms, while relegating less valuable data to slower and less expensive storage, such as SATA disk or even tape.