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  • Is storage automation right for you?

    Tip -  This tip covers what storage automation is, and what it is not, and what it means to you. Also, you will learn why you should, or should not implement a storage automation product.

  • Buyer's Guide: Data classification tools

    08 May 2006

    Article -  Automated tools play an important role in the data classification process. Many tools allow administrators to discover the data resources that are available, apply uniform classification rules to data across the entire enterprise, create and manage a...

  • Tech Report: SRM

    Tech Report -  This month, storage analyst Jerome M. Wendt's Tech Report takes look at storage resource management (SRM) tools. According to Wendt, SRM tools are taking on new tasks, refining their data and device reporting capabilities and becoming much more closely...

  • SRM packages: A closer look

    Tip -  Storage resource management (SRM) is central to the storage administration in the modern enterprise. But like a lot of terms, SRM tends to conceal as much as it reveals. There are many SRM products available, with at least as many different combinations...

  • Tech Report: WAFS

    (presented by

    Tech Report -  This Tech Report helps you learn what you need to know about wide are file systems (WAFS).

  • Tech Report: E-mail archiving

    Tech Report -  This Tech Report gives you everything you need to know about e-mail archiving.