Data management process

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Data management process

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  • How to select a storage capacity planning tool

    SAN Expansion Best Practi -  To select a storage management and capacity planning tool, first calculate how much storage is available and how much of your total storage capacity is actually being used.

  • The rising cost of cheap storage

    Tip -  The commoditization of storage has been driving acquisition cost down for quite some time. However, hidden costs are now starting to surface as organizations struggle to manage hundreds of terabytes of data. This tip discusses the some of the pitfalls of...

  • Managing data migration among storage tiers

    Tip -  Rick Cook outlines a number of approaches to tiered data migration.

  • Tech Report: Content-addressed storage preferred for fixed-content storage

    19 Jun 2006

    Article -  With more data subject to external and internal audits, content-addressed storage products are becoming the preferred storage medium for the long-term protection of fixed content.

  • Out of capacity: What now?

    Tip -  This tip discusses how to avoid running out of storage capacity by evaluating your options, investigating re-allocation and knowing where to turn if you can't solve the problem yourself.

  • Thin provisioning slims storage volumes

    Tip -  Manual provisioning of storage is a source of tension between storage and application folks, and contributes to the poor capacity utilization that persists in many SANs.