Data compliance regulations

Data compliance

Data compliance regulations

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  • Storage IQ: Compliance

    Quiz -  When it comes to compliance, you better have your "acts" together or there could be some hefty fines coming your way. Challenge your co-workers, take our Storage IQ Compliance quiz and see who knows what about compliance. Click on the link below each...

  • Consolidated storage management: Coming soon?

    Tip -  Managing a heterogeneous storage environment means juggling a hodgepodge of vendor-specific tools. Some vendors are working toward a consolidated management console, but standards are needed for single-pane storage management to become a reality.

  • Understanding compliance: Beyond data protection

    Tip -  Data retention is only one part of regulatory compliance. For storage, compliance can be grouped into two focus areas: data management and governance.

  • E-mail management derailed by regulations

    Tip -  E-mail management derailed by regulations. Compliance officers want to keep e-mail forever. Ditto users. Which way is up? Sort out the confusion with the help of this tip.