Data Deduplication in Primary Storage Special Report

Storage Data Deduplication in Primary Storage Special Report:

Data deduplication in primary storage

Data Deduplication in Primary Storage Special Report

A small group of vendors are starting to help storage administrators take duplicate data out of their primary storage environments. There's a lot less redundant data in primary than in secondary storage.

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  • Product roundup: Primary storage capacity optimization offerings

    Special Report -  Data reduction isn't restricted to backup anymore. Right now, the approaches to capacity optimization for primary and nearline storage are varied and address different use cases.

  • Users turn data reduction focus to primary storage

    Special Report -  Users are intrigued by the prospect of running data reduction solutions on primary storage, because of the money they can save on buying Tier 1 disk capacity.

  • Podcast: Data deduplication on primary storage

    Podcast -  What should a storage administrator know before using data deduplication on primary storage? Eric Burgener, senior analyst and consultant at the Taneja Group, discusses the impact data deduplication on primary storage will have and the things to...