Connectivity and protocols

Storage Connectivity and protocols:

Advanced storage area network

Connectivity and protocols

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  • Learn all about iSCSI and Fibre Channel SANs

    Data Storage Handbook -  This handbook compares Fibre Channel SAN and iSCSI SAN technologies, provides tips on how to enhance iSCSI performance, and discusses how to make a SAN highly available.

  • Fibre Channel technology

    Data Storage Handbook -  This chapter offers an overview of Fibre Channel specifications and devices including HBAs and switches. Readers will also learn about the pros and cons of FC SANs in the storage enterprise.

  • ISCSI takes its rightful place beside Fibre Channel

    ISCSI vs. Fibre Channel E -  There are no absolute rules on what you can and can't do when it comes to Fibre Channel and iSCSI. This article covers some of the important pros and cons to each approach.

  • Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop or switched disk?

    Ask the Expert -  Storage expert Greg Schulz offers advice to a reader considering buying high-end storage from two different vendors -- one uses Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop technology and one uses a switched-disk interface.

  • Fiber optics over distance

    Ask the Expert -  Networking expert Greg Schulz offers advice to a reader that asked about using fiber-optic cabling over long distances.

  • Wavelength vs. dark fiber for SAN

    Ask the Expert -  SAN expert Chris Poelker compares connecting a SAN with wavelength cabling and dark fiber and discusses the pros and cons of each.

  • How to minimize I/O latency

    Ask the Expert -  Storage expert Greg Schulz details how to minimize the latency between a server and a storage device.

  • FC-AL port protocol for storage

    Ask the Expert - 

  • The slow move toward faster Fibre

    Tip -  Hungry for faster Fibre Channel? Four Gbps will have to hold you for now.