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Archiving software

Archiving software must embrace dozens, even hundreds, of file types. These can include .pdfs, documents, images, binary files, XML, HTML and IMs.

Archiving software product specifications:

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  • Finding the right archiving software product for your organization

    Buying Guide -  Archive software provides many of the features we take for granted in modern archive systems, including index and search, data classification and migration, retention and deletion, litigation hold and even data reduction technologies, such as data...

Archiving software purchase considerations:

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Related information-Archiving software:

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  • How to write an archiving program RFP

    Feature -  With so many archiving systems on the market, putting together a request for proposal (RFP) for an archiving program for structured, semistructured or unstructured data is a key step. It's equally important that your team is well-prepared to evaluate...

  • Archiving unstructured data

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    Tip -  Companies must find ways to automate and simplify the process of archiving files and e-mail messages. ECM software addresses this large pool of unstructured data.

  • Speed backups by pruning data

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    Tip -  Setting policy about what types of files you back up, using e-mail archiving software and backing up applications separately from your data can drastically improve backup performance.