Advanced storage area network

Storage Advanced storage area network:

Advanced storage area network

SAN deployments can be complicated -- an administrator must configure the hardware elements to achieve a mix of high performance and high reliability. Then, the storage resources must be organized and allocated to the various users or applications across the organization. If you're comfortable with the basics of storage networks, this Guide looks at some of the details involved in components and architecture, connectivity and protocols and management issues.

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Advanced storage area network overview:

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  • Guide to high-level administration of SANs

    25 Oct 2007

    Article -  SAN deployments can be complex. Administrators must configure the SAN hardware components, connectivity elements and protocols to get the right mix of performance and reliability.

Connectivity and protocols:

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SAN components and architecture:

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  • GBIC connection to single or multimode fiber

    Ask the Expert -  This advice discusses the possibility of connecting a short-distance GBIC to single mode fiber and multimode fiber.

  • Tech Report: Director switches

    Tech Report -  There are many advantages to using a director switch (a.k.a. Fibre Channel director), including number of ports and high availability. But this is only part of the big picture. Get deep into the nitty-gritty of director switches from storage industry...

  • Set up persistent binding on an HBA

    Tip -  In this Ask the Expert Q&A, SAN expert Chris Poelker gives you the code to set up persistent binding on an HBA for a Unix host.


SAN management-Advanced storage area network:

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  • Windows can't read from the bootdisk

    Ask the Expert -  SAN expert Chris Poelker offers advice about configuring and troubleshooting SAN boot drives.

  • LUN expansion with Microsoft cluster server

    Ask the Expert -  SAN expert Chris Poelker discusses how to change the size of a LUN in a Microsoft cluster server environment.

  • Testing iSCSI SAN performance with Iometer

    Tip -  Iometer, a performance test tool for tuning Windows environments, can also be used to tune performance in iSCSI SANs. The tool lets you simulate the SAN's performance by setting many of the parameters and running tests. Repeated runs with different...