Advanced data storage backup and protection

Storage Advanced data storage backup and protection:

Advanced data storage backup and protection

It takes more than blank tapes or cheap disks to handle enterprise data backups -- it's all about keeping the business running while meeting the compliance standards that are appropriate for your industry. If you're already familiar with the basics of backup and data protection, this Guide, which focuses on the advanced features and latest developments in tape, disk, and remote and strategic storage concepts, is a must-read.

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Business continuity:

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  • Business continuity plan quiz

    (presented by

    Quiz -  Does your company have a business continuity plan? If it does, it's headed in the right direction. If not, it's wise that you start putting one together now. Test your Business continuity IQ and see if you know what a good, solid business continuity plan...

  • Better DR and BC planning

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    Tip -  Storage analyst Greg Schulz shares a list of items to consider and address as part of managing and maintaining a business continuance and disaster recovery plan.

  • Restoring data: Increase your efficiency

    Tip -  This tip highlights an aspect of backup that most are not as experienced and comfortable with -- restoring.


Remote backup:

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  • Remote replication gets out of the array

    Tip -  SRDF has its limitations: It's extremely expensive and only works within Symmetrix environments.

  • Best Practices: Sorting out remote-office backup

    Feature -  Remote-office data has always been something of a corporate orphan when it came to backup. Once upon a time, "out of sight, out of mind" might have worked, but times have changed. Regulatory compliance, legal liability issues and the cost of producing...

  • Hot-hot replication with EMC's SRDF?

    Ask the Expert -  Storage expert Evan Marcus offers an answer to the question: "Is hot-hot replication possible with EMC's SRDF?"


Disk backup-Advanced data storage backup and protection:

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  • Mirroring HP EVA4000 data

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    Ask the Expert -  Business continuity expert Pierre Dorion offers advice to a reader seeking information about mirroring HP EVA4000 data.