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Advanced Data Storage

If you've been in the storage game for a while and are looking for more advanced information, this Guide is for you. It starts with learning features and expert advice focused on the components that make up storage systems. Then, it delves into backup, SAN, NAS and storage management. Get started learning now.

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  • Advanced data storage backup and protection

    It takes more than blank tapes or cheap disks to handle enterprise data backups -- it's all about keeping the business running while meeting the compliance standards that are appropriate for your industry. If you're already familiar with the basics of backup and data protection, this Guide, which focuses on the advanced features and latest developments in tape, disk, and remote and strategic storage concepts, is a must-read.

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  • Advanced data storage components

    Although high-level tasks, like data classification and storage virtualization, receive much of the attention, it's important to note that storage components, such as disk drives, RAID technology, disk arrays and even network fabric hardware, are evolving at a tremendous pace -- enabling vast storage capacities while still maintaining necessary service levels for network users.

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  • Advanced data storage final exam

    Take our final exam and evaluate your knowledge of advanced storage.

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  • Advanced data storage management

    It's relatively easy to add more disks or arrays to meet storage growth. Disks are also getting cheaper, so today's storage is often more cost effective than years past. But storage itself isn't the problem -- the challenge lies in managing storage volumes that escalate at annual rates frequently exceeding 60%. While there's no universal management "solution" today, the products are evolving and practices are constantly improving.

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  • Advanced network attached storage

    Network attached storage technology is evolving. Important features, like scalability, can provide hundreds of terabytes of NAS space, while virtualization helps administrators organize and allocate NAS resources. If you're already familiar with NAS basics, this Guide focuses on the advanced hardware and architecture features, management concepts and backup practices.

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  • Advanced storage area network

    SAN deployments can be complicated -- an administrator must configure the hardware elements to achieve a mix of high performance and high reliability. Then, the storage resources must be organized and allocated to the various users or applications across the organization. If you're comfortable with the basics of storage networks, this Guide looks at some of the details involved in components and architecture, connectivity and protocols and management issues.

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