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Additional e-discovery information

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  • Why you should perform data classification

    Tip -  Regardless of how daunting a task it may be, understanding the data we store is the first step in addressing data management issues. This tip outlines some of the main reasons why data classification is essential.

  • What to expect from a storage audit

    Tip -  This tip outlines the three main types of storage audits, what you stand to gain from each type and offers insight into the audit process.

  • Email archiving implementation: What you need to consider

    Tip -  Selecting an email archiving application based solely on functionality may result in unexpected administration costs. Considering the following 10 points before deploying an email archive can help you hang onto your loot.

  • Records retention: How to avoid recovery headaches

    Tip -  Traditional backups are rarely adequate for records retention, but many are still relying on them. Rick Cook outlines four things to consider when setting up a records retention policy that can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.