• Pure FlashBlade

    Pure Storage FlashBlade is optimized for unstructured data analytics. Its system-on-a-chip architecture uses custom NAND flash blades to accelerate data and its metadata.  Continue Reading

  • IoFabric Vicinity 3.0

    Vicinity 3.0 from IoFabric uses artificial intelligence to cut storage costs and also creates a seamless, live instance of data between on-premises sites and the cloud.  Continue Reading

  • Infinidat InfiniBox 3.0

    InfiniBox 3.0 stores data on disk, deploying a small amount of flash as an acceleration tier. Its caching algorithm ensures the hottest data is on the fastest storage media.  Continue Reading

  • WekaIO Matrix

    Startup WekaIO's Matrix parallel, scale-out file software pools the fast flash storage in application servers and offloads cold data to public and private clouds.  Continue Reading

  • DataCore SANsymphony PSP6

    The latest release of DataCore's software-defined storage offering, SANsymphony PSP6, enhances REST API integration, container support and cloud replication.  Continue Reading

  • Excelero NVMesh 1.1

    Startup's NVMesh software virtualizes nonvolatile memory express-based storage and lets applications access pooled storage resources at high speed and low latency.  Continue Reading