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Lesson five: Storage Management Survival School


Storage Management Survival School: Lesson five

"The next wave: Tiered storage"

Tiered storage is one of the newer design challenges facing enterprises today, especially as enterprise customers start to deploy data retention strategies in support of regulatory compliance. The concept is to re-engineer how storage is deployed and managed in easily classified tiers that have different characteristics to meet varying application and line of business needs. Sounds good, but it can be harder than one might expect. In this lesson, Jamie Gruener examines the steps you should consider in designing a tiered storage model.

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What you'll walk away with by viewing this 15-minute lesson:
** What tiered storage is, and how it assists admins
** How this process will help you streamline storage management and operations
** Where to start this planning process
** Tips on classifying data
** The ability to ask Jamie Gruener your specific tiered storage questions

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About Jamie Gruener:
Jamie Gruener is a storage management expert for SearchStorage.com.

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06 Sep 2004