Do any archive solutions support Lotus Notes and are there implementation issues?


Absolutely. Lotus Notes and Exchange are definitely two very different applications with two different architectures. Organizations should work with vendors that support their specific messaging application, that's check-mark No. 1. There are architectural differences on how you can deploy email archiving with Lotus Notes versus Exchange. Exchange has a journaling capability, while Lotus Notes has just added it more recently. Lotus Notes also utilizes log files so many of the archiving vendors scrape messages that way. The key for customers is to make sure they work with a vendor who supports their messaging application and also to make sure they know what version of Lotus Notes they're running and how that archiving software or archiving service interacts with Lotus Notes and how it will get messages. There can be some cases where you're not going to get all of the benefits of stubbing or the ability to select individual mailboxes. Before deployment or implementation, especially if you're a Lotus Notes shop, make sure you know what version you're running and how the archive software will interact with it.

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03 Apr 2008