Test your disaster recovery knowledge

Are you on top when it comes to disaster recovery? Take our final exam and evaluate your knowledge of disaster recovery options.

Are you on top when it comes to disaster recovery? Take our final exam and evaluate your knowledge of disaster...

recovery options. This test isn't for the weak, so you might want to do a bit of studying first by checking out our new disaster recovery All-in-One Guide. All of the answers can be found in its content. (Note: Type all answers using uppercase.)

  1. Can you name this type of restore that now exists in SQL Server?
    Your answer:

  2. There are two types of off-site disaster recovery replication. Can you name one?
    Your answer:

  3. Unless this type of data is also replicated offsite, it only offers limited disaster recovery capability.
    Your answer:

  4. Many disaster recovery and remote backup programs rely on this technology.
    Your answer:

  5. This type limitation must be taken into consideration when planning for large restore operations typically associated with disaster recovery.
    Your answer:

  6. You could find yourself in trouble if your disaster recovery plan isn't what?
    Your answer:

  7. With this type of remote mirroring, local writes are completed and acknowledged before the remote writes.
    Your answer:

  8. Disaster recovery may be the IT area where this technology has the biggest impact.
    Your answer:

  9. There are three types of off-site disaster recovery products, name one.
    Your answer: Hint: two words

  10. Disaster recovery strategies depend on software and usually involve one or more software applications, name one.
    Your answer:

Score card

  • 10 correct: You're a real DR dude
  • 7-9 correct: You're DR delightful
  • 4-6 correct: You've got DR, but no daring
  • 0-3 correct: You're a DR disaster

Go to the disaster recovery final exam cheatsheet, if you absolutely must.

So, are you on top of the backup game? E-mail us and let us know!

This was last published in April 2008



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