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Published: 17 Oct 2012

I was raised on a steady diet of cheesy 1950s sci-fi movies, many of which began with a breathless narrator proclaiming something like "It was a dangerous time, when dinosaurs walked the earth...." These days, it's still a dangerous time for dinosaurs that walk the earth. I'm referring to those storage vendors who live in the past and haven't adapted to current realities. How can you tell these vendors are dinosaurs? After all, they don't appear that different from other vendors. Our latest Purchasing Intentions Survey gives many clues on how to spot them. Beware of doing business with them because they could become extinct before you've depreciated their wares. Here are some telltale signs: They sell software, but it costs a ton and doesn't do anything immediately useful without months of configuration, and worse, committee meetings to decide on the underlying policies needed to configure it. The software probably can't tell you basic things like how much storage you have and how much of it is being utilized; and even if it can, it may not be able to report... Access >>>

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