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Published: 17 Oct 2012

VSAN implementations Brocade SilkWorm AP7420 LSAN technology is implemented on a standalone 16-port switch. It allows storage area networks (SANs) to share storage devices without merging the SAN fabrics. By deploying two AP7420s, the security and integrity of existing fabrics is maintained, the headaches of merging them is avoided and the benefits of gaining access to underutilized storage devices may be realized. Deploy this technology when looking to share resources while maintaining existing installations. Cisco MDS 9000 series VSAN technology supports up to 256 VSANs on a single director, and any port can be assigned to any created VSAN. The switch also supports moving ports between VSANS, so when ports are freed up, they can be moved nondisruptively between VSANs. Consider deploying the MDS 9000 in environments that are consolidating to one director where resources may need to be shared and one administrator will manage the switch. McData DS10000 Hard Partitioning technology is targeted at environments that are looking to eliminate multiple SAN islands... Access >>>

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