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Access "GUIs are nice, but don't overlook command-line interfaces: BEST PRACTICES"

Published: 22 Oct 2012

They may not be as slick as GUIs, but CLIs are powerful and flexible tools for managing storage. command-line interfaces (CLIs) are often considered a necessary evil in a lot of storage management environments. But it's not surprising to find storage teams using GUI tools for end-to-end management of their environment. When asked about the use of CLI, those same users often refer to it as a complex, counterproductive interface best left to the "pros who need it." Thanks to the advance of Java and faster computers, there seems to be a natural gravitation toward the use of GUI or Web-based tools to manage storage and SAN devices. It's easier to like something that has pretty pictures than something that's mundane, tedious and, even worse, requires opening a command-line window. But administrators aren't doing themselves any favors by distancing themselves from CLIs. When you examine the potential benefits CLI tools offer, they quickly become compelling. While command-line tools may have their roots in Unix environments, they've come a long way and can be used ... Access >>>

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