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Access "Users don't care about storage and data, they only care about their own applications"

Published: 30 Oct 2012

I have seen the end ... ... and it's all about infrastructure--and business users couldn't care less. It came to me in a dream, but it might as well have been during some kind of peyote ritual. I get it now; I know where we have to go. Forget the application world for a minute or, as I like to call it, the users. I want to talk about IT as the owners of infrastructure and the keepers of data. There are two absolutes. On one end of the world are users who connect to our universe via an application interface. The only thing users care about is their application. The only thing that application cares about is the data it requires to perform its function. Data is at the other end of the world. Everything in the middle is infrastructure, which is our problem. We're all willing to accept the fact that while some of us like infrastructure, and the acronym-filled language of infrastructure that we communicate with, users couldn't care less. We should also accept that users hate us because of it. To a user, infrastructure is never good, it's only bad. It's the excuse... Access >>>

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