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Published: 20 Oct 2012

Provisioning storage is mostly a manual job. But you can still tune your storage for greater performance and higher disk utilization. Fifty years after IBM Corp. invented the disk drive, storage provisioning remains a complicated, and mostly manual, labor- intensive task. Each vendor has its proprietary tools and recommended approach. And the task keeps getting harder due to the increasing complexity of enterprise storage environments. Storage provisioning is the process of logically carving up physical disk space to meet an organization's need for storage capacity, performance, security and efficiency. It encompasses the assignment of servers/hosts to appropriate storage, specifying network paths between hosts and storage, and masking servers and zoning the network to ensure access by the right servers. The entire task involves dozens of individual steps. Storage provisioning pitfalls Input errors like mistyping the worldwide name Unbalanced workloads and inattention to spindle distribution No space for snapshots, insufficient drives reserved for the ... Access >>>

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