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Access "Keep it simple, stupid: Part deux: Storage Bin 2.0"

Published: 22 Oct 2012

Make sure you aren't using your priciest options to accommodate changing data. In my last column, I described the four lifecycle stages related to data. Here's a quick review: Dynamic active online data Persistent active online data Persistent inactive online/nearline data Persistent inactive offline data So where does staging fit? Staging is all about how data, once born, lives in an ever-changing state until it's permanently archived or deleted. Whether we're talking about a PowerPoint document or an ATM transaction, the birthing of this data has an impact on your larger environment and needs to be treated with consistent, high-level care. As data changes, you should take a good look at any assumptions that dictated IT processes in the previous stages and decide if you need to modify them. The final stage (persistent inactive offline data) is all about checking the box and hoping you never need to think too much about actually invoking a recovery from there. For example, company ABC is exactly like your company. It sells things and runs business systems. ... Access >>>

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