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Published: 22 Oct 2012

Coping with cloud storage You're spinning the radio dial for a tune to take your mind off the bumper-to-bumper traffic. But before you can turn to another station, it happens: you hear Barry Manilow crooning "At the Copa, Copacabana. The hottest spot north of Havana." And now you're doomed to hear that song in your head for weeks to come. These days, I get the same feeling about cloud storage. It seems like every storage and online services company is singing the praises of shipping your data off to ... a cloud. Maybe it's the word "cloud" that's hanging me up. "Where are the contracts, customer lists and proposals?" you ask. "Ummm, we put that in the cloud." It just doesn't inspire confidence. I'm not opposed to the concept of cloud storage. I actually think it will play a big role some day. Back in my April editorial, I said there are "compelling reasons to consider these services." I still think that's true, but I also believe these storage services need to dig a little deeper to become serious alternatives. Even as the spate of new online storage ... Access >>>

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