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Published: 22 Oct 2012

As continuous data protection (CDP) is integrated into backup environments, implementations with other backup protection programs may become complex. continuous data protection (CDP) software is primed to tackle enterprise high-availability requirements. As companies seek to eliminate or drastically reduce backup windows and to create faster point-in-time recoveries for more mission-critical apps, CDP software has become a viable alternative to traditional backup software and storage system-based replication software. But with multiple points where CDP software can be integrated in the storage infrastructure, and the emerging linkage of CDP with backup applications, organizations may need to tackle lengthy and potentially complex CDP implementations. This article focuses mainly on CDP products from vendors who sell CDP and backup software. CDP options How CDP products capture and copy changed data, and the recovery options they offer, varies widely: Desktop and laptop CDP products are engineered to work with infrequent network connectivity, and some programs... Access >>>

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