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Published: 01 Nov 2012

You say you want a revolution What about evolution? The storage world turns on events big and small, and it's turning faster than ever. There's only one defined constant--time. It moves too fast for me now, but too slow for my ninth grader. With time, everything changes. We don't even see most changes happening unless they're an "event." And it's easy to miss even a huge change if it takes long enough to happen. That's what's happening in storage right now. Events force revolutions. The intellectual rationale for securing data isn't new, but current events force dramatic public changes. Revolutionary change catches both sides of our world by surprise: vendors who aren't ready to participate in the new world order, and IT buyers who aren't educated about the issues and resolutions of that new order. Market revolution driven by events allows new vendors to grab a slice of the business and ride to unimaginable heights. Almost every successful organization can point back to an event, or an unforeseen break created by an event, that led to its opportunity to play... Access >>>

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    • Rein in NAS with file virtualization

      NAS filers have sprung up largely unchecked in many companies, creating major management headaches and forcing companies to reevaluate how they handle this critical piece of storage infrastructure. File virtualization appliances can address multiple filer pain points by pooling disparate storage, providing a global namespace and making short shrift of data migrations.

    • Terabyte drives arrive

    • Are you ready for new compliance rules?

      Two things to know about storage and regulator compliance: There's no single technology product that meets all compliance requirements and there's plenty of prep work to do before you even think about technology. The first step is to define your unique requirements, including compliance and litigation-readiness needs, as well as business productivity and service-level objectives.

    • 10GBase-T power issues may slow 10GbE adoption

    • Networked storage for the masses

  • Columns
    • Two smart guys

      Two smart guys

    • Are backups a waste of time? by James Damoulakis

      Data protection is now much more specialized due to increased user expectations and new technology options. We need to rethink the way we approach risk and risk-related services.

    • iSCSI: Learn it or be left behind by Jon Oltsik

      Thought you might get by without considering iSCSI storage? Think again. With continuous progress on the iSCSI protocol and steadily improving products, the technology is now gaining enterprise stature. Savvy users should prepare themselves now for iSCSI.

    • We're in the midst of some seismic shifts in the storage world

      Storage Bin: Changes in the tech world can evolve subtly or may hinge on a big, revolutionary event. Either way, we're in the midst of some seismic shifts in the storage world, and both vendors and IT pros will have to adjust to a new world order.

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