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Access "Lessening filers' backup load"

Published: 20 Oct 2012

Do you have NAS devices that are struggling to balance file serving and backup? Atto Technology says its new $6,995 appliance will offload a significant portion of the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) processing that NAS devices rely on to do backup. "There are three components to an NDMP process: the file server, the backup server and the tape server," says Don Ko, product manager at Atto. "We offload the tape server," he says, which would otherwise run on the filer. How much of a load the Atto FastStream 4600 NDMP appliance will take on depends on the volume of data you need to back up. Atto FastStream 4600 NDMP also acts as an Ethernet-to-SCSI gateway, making it possible to put legacy SCSI-based tape systems on the network and then share them across multiple NAS devices. Putting SCSI tape devices behind an Ethernet gateway avoids SCSI's 10-meter cable length limit, says Ko, and could conceivably be used to do tape vaulting to a remote location. --Alex Barrett (AB) Access >>>

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