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Published: 20 Oct 2012

Disk-based backup has taken a huge step forward in recent years with the advent of the virtual tape library (VTL), but the technology may already be on its way out, according to some users and analysts. "In the short term, the need to emulate tape is important," says Jeff Machols, systems integration manager at benefits provider CitiStreet, a subsidiary of Citigroup and State Street Corp. "Long term, I see the need to emulate tape diminishing; the actual emulation of tape and robotic libraries was merely a way to get in the door for the VTL." The appeal of the VTL, says Machols, is that companies can add disk to their backup process without having to change their backup software, scripts or procedures, all of which were originally designed to write to tape. Now that disk-based backup is becoming widely accepted, "the software companies are the ones [that will] be running to catch up," notes Machols. "Organizations are going to want to start taking advantage of more and more disk-to-disk functionality, and will probably be willing to switch software if one ... Access >>>

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