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Vol. 5 No. 7 September 2006

10 points to consider before deploying an e-mail archive

10 points to consider before deploying an e-mail archive Selecting an e-mail archiving application based solely on functionality may result in unexpected administration costs. As storage shops implement e-mail archiving, many of them are confronting issues related to a company's vertical industry or the capabilities/maturity of the IT organization and its e-mail user community. The best practices presented here--which are focused on archiving for Microsoft Exchange--will ease some implementation, operational and maintenance concerns. Your firm's industry will determine how you implement e-mail archiving. If financial compliance is a key driver, the emphasis will be on proof points and mandated retention policies. For organizations susceptible to expensive legal discovery actions, retention and ease of retrieval will be paramount; firms with similar requirements might also need sophisticated search criteria. Other implementation issues are related more to company size than to specific industries. For example, some firms have ...

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