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Vol. 10 Num. 10 December 2011

Replication technology for day-to-day recovery

It’s not just for disaster recovery anymore: Replication technology is finding a place in the more common, but just as crucial, recovery of systems and data in ordinary operations. Replication technology, a staple of traditional disaster recovery (DR) strategies, can also play a pivotal role in local data recovery processes. Replication isn’t new, but it’s being used in new ways, especially with the increased popularity of virtualization and cloud services models. (These technologies often reduce the need to maintain on-premises physical system replicas.) Optimization technologies, such as data deduplication and compression, have also given replication technology a boost because they enable more efficient data transfers across local-area networks (LANs), wide-area networks (WANs) or storage-area networks (SANs). But the larger contributors to replication’s shift from DR standard to operational recovery tool are data growth and diminishing downtime tolerance. Annual data growth -- averaging 10% to 30% for most companies, but as ...

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