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Phil Goodwin, Contributor Published: 18 Oct 2012

Users may be carrying a significant amount of their company’s intellectual property on their smartphones, tablets and other ultraportable devices -- and that data needs to be protected. First, a little math. Consider an organization with 5,000 employees, 20% of whom are knowledge-based workers with a reason to have corporate data on their mobile devices. Then assume that each worker is carrying 20 GB of corporate data on their devices. With a simple calculation, we can determine that this hypothetical organization has 20 TB of potentially unprotected data stored on mobile devices. No organization would stand for a 20 TB hole in its data protection strategy inside its data center, yet such holes are routinely ignored outside the data center. Ironically, the data floating around outside the data center is at even greater risk for loss. It’s easy to see how quickly small amounts of data across large numbers of devices can add up to a significant problem. What’s a mobile device? To start addressing the issue of data protection for mobile devices, let’s determine... Access >>>

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