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Published: 17 Oct 2012

Storage-to-storage WAN throughput enhancers working with EMC's SRDF Cisco MDS and McData products are switches that connect to the EMC Symmetrix via Fibre Channel (FC) and to the IP network via GigE into an Ethernet switch. The CNT's UltraNet Edge Storage Router (UESR) is a gateway that connects to an FC switch, which is connected to the EMC Symmetrix and to the IP network via GigE or FAST Ethernet to an Ethernet switch. The NetEx HyperIP software solution is an RFC 3135 TCP/IP performance enhancing proxy with no FC connection. It connects to the IP network via GigE, then onto a GigE director and finally to the EMC Symmetrix. Basically, it is Symmetrix to HyperIP over WAN to HyperIP to Symmetrix. Sept. 11, the 2003 blackout and daily computer viruses are all grim reminders that every company needs a business continuity plan. Such plans are analogous to personal disability insurance. It costs a ton of money and no one wants to use it, but if misfortune strikes, incoming revenue is protected. The key is minimizing the insurance costs against potential losses ... Access >>>

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