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Vol. 2 No. 12 February 2004

Oracle RAC, the Easy Way

From the get-go, retail software and service provider DataVantage Corp., Cleveland, OH, knew that running Oracle 9i Real Application Clusters (RAC) was the right platform for its new Stored Value gift card and loyalty service. "Oracle RAC was the best solution I was aware of in terms of OLTP [online transaction processing], speed and reliability," says Ian Amit, stored value project manager. With customers accessing DataVantage's servers 24x7, Amit knew they needed a platform that provided extreme uptime--uptime that "[operating system] clustering wouldn't have given us." But Amit also knew that without a clustered file system to deliver a shared Oracle home, managing RAC would be a real pain. "Without a clustered file system, we would have had to manage every Oracle instance by itself--init files, config files, logs ... everything from A to Z," Amit says. "Oracle is already complicated enough, so the less we have to worry about, the better." After evaluating several clustered file system products, DataVantage settled on ...

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