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Published: 29 Oct 2012

@exb The capability maturity model The Software Engineering Institute's capability maturity model (CMM) can be adapted to many fields. Here, we are applying the CMM levels to storage management to better understand the process of managing storage. More information about the CMM can be found at: @exe Here's how it goes with hot technologies: Virtualization gave way to storage utilities, then tiered storage and now information life cycle management (ILM). Maybe you got whiplash trying to follow the buzz, but actually trying to take advantage of these concepts left you extremely frustrated. Even with the most developed technologies, your ability adapt to the changes they bring is more a reflection on your organization's maturity and flexibility than it is on the technology itself. IT managers see the shortcomings of current products, but some fail to consider their own readiness to change. Is your organization ready to absorb another new technology? Most successful IT shops are now oriented toward service, but that isn't... Access >>>

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