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Published: 17 Oct 2012

Anyone associated with our industry must confess that there's an overriding feeling of optimism again. And why not? Economic news is pretty positive. Manufacturing and productivity are up. We're on our way out of the recession. While new IT jobs aren't plentiful, many companies are hiring. The IT world couldn't be happier. After all, no sector in the economy lived through a more pronounced riches to rags story than we did. Once again, stocks are up and tech is hot. This good IT economic news leads us down a logical path. Positive stock market activity will likely lead to a renewed--albeit more sober--IPO market in 2004. IPO action will lead to more VC funding, which will in turn lead to more technology startups to solve IT problems. Startups certainly have a schizophrenic past. They were a welcome addition to the IT mix back in the boom years, and were innovative and driven. They had a certain swagger about them as they readily proclaimed that their technologies would cause a paradigm shift. It all sounded so believable. Then suddenly, well-funded storage ... Access >>>

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