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Published: 17 Oct 2012

According to my cohort Jon Oltsik, geeks and spies--not business people--are running around corporate America scheming and implementing security in IT worlds. And that's a big mistake. I've been telling you that security is going to matter when it comes to storage, so pay attention now. Security sucks--it's just our best effort to stop it at the gate. We put up firewalls and antivirus programs and hope. Ask any CEO this question: "Mr. CEO (They like formality and politeness. It makes them feel worthy of their suits.), do you know how many IT people in your company have root privileges?" He/she/it will invariably say, "I'm not exactly sure," which means: "What the hell are root privileges?" You let the CEO know that there are 500 people or greater in any multinational corporation that can pretty much see everything there is to see when it comes to electronic information. Odds are that one in 500 may have a bone to pick. CEOs already know that 80% of attacks come from within. What they and we are naÏve about is thinking that we're going to prevent bad things ... Access >>>

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