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Published: 22 Oct 2012

When it comes to green storage, it's all about the basics. Review your current setup and start with the obvious. Green storage sounds good, but for most of us it's a goal we'll keep reaching--and trying to reach--again and again. If you aren't to the point where Energy Star stickers are plastered across your entire infrastructure, you aren't alone. But that doesn't mean you can't do something to get in line with the green movement. Little things matter. You can start by managing storage more economically, saving money and in turn doing a good deed when it comes to energy consumption. Let me offer an analogy. When you fly over a city at night, you see a glittering matrix of lights. The bigger the city, the more things glitter. Imagine those glittering lights are your data center and that the most brightly lit area is your storage infrastructure. Your goal is to look at the glitter and manage it. Is all the glitter justified? Could you replace it with something not as bright? How about shutting off a section or powering it up only when necessary? What you want... Access >>>

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      Adopting green storage practices is all about being a good corporate citizen, trying to save storage operational costs and perhaps making a positive impact on the environment.

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