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Published: 02 Nov 2012

Getting the most out of what you already have isn't just smart, it might be the only way to keep your storage shop alive and well. Data storage efficiency is often an elusive target for storage managers, but with declining budgets and unchecked capacity demands, getting the most out of your storage resources is more important than ever. Storage vendors say they feel your pain and can help you store more data for less cost than ever before. But storage managers should press those vendors on the actual savings they'll see with their own data and environments. It's also important to understand that some space-saving technologies may require new monitoring tools or additional storage controllers to ensure they don't crash important applications. In addition, a new technology might not always be the answer; non-technical methods, such as pushing back on users' demands, may do as much to help keep storage budgets under control (see "Just say 'No,'" below). Just say 'No' Need to cut your storage requirements but don't have the time or money for fancy new hardware, ... Access >>>

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What's Inside

    • Solid-state storage update

      Solid-state storage is still mostly for well-heeled shops with power-hungry apps, but new developments could bring solid state down to earth soon.

    • Software vendors expand data deduplication offerings by Beth Pariseau, News Writer

      You can add data deduplication to your backup operations with an appliance, VTL or target array -- but backup application vendors offer software-only alternatives.

    • Capacity still biggest backup bugaboo

      Storage managers are making headway with backup pain points, but rising capacities are still a headache. How are storage pros dealing with these challenges? More disk.

    • Use storage more efficiently by Robert L. Scheier

      Getting the most out of what you already have isn't just smart, it might be the only way to keep your storage shop alive and well.

  • Columns
    • Is cloud-based backup right for you? by Lauren Whitehouse

      Before deciding if cloud-based backup is a fit with your company, you need to understand the two basic flavors of cloud backup -- SaaS and hybrid.

    • Rule #1: Know thy data

      Data classification isn't just for document management systems anymore; it's the key to storage efficiency.

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