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Published: 29 Oct 2012

RPO and RTO The recovery of critical data in an environment is measured by two key parameters: recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO). RPO measures the maximum acceptable age of data at the time of an outage. RTO is the maximum acceptable length of time to resume operation following an outage. Source: Revivio For 50 years, storage was in its Stone Age, where tape was the alpha and omega of data protection. Recently, disruptive technologies such as cheap disks and networking have ushered in a revolution in storage technology. Continuous backup or more accurately, continuous data protection (CDP), changes the rules by using disk technology to continuously capture updates to data in real time or near real time. The result: Backup windows become irrelevant because backup is occurring all the time. But the main benefit of this technology is not on the backup side of the equation. Rather than the single point-in-time access to data that traditional products provide, this technology promises any point-in-time continuous access. Reducing ... Access >>>

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