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Published: 30 Oct 2012

What is a continuous snapshot? A block-mode continuous data protection solution that timestamps every snap. It's typically deployed in a purpose-built appliance using zero array cycles for each snap, having no impact on the storage array's performance. Each snap captures only the changes and adds it to the previous snaps, eliminating the requirement for complete data image captures and associated storage space. The application writes to the continuous snapshot appliance as if it is a mirror of the primary storage. Rollbacks can occur to any point in time before a corruption, deletion or damaging of the data. All disaster recovery is performed in the background and never has to disrupt the applications. Recovery is painless and nearly instantaneous. A viable, low-cost alternative to mirroring. How much should you spend on disaster recovery (DR)? It's a trick question that few, if any, storage administrators know how to answer. You can easily spend a king's ransom to protect your data, but few companies have that kind of money. The key to cost-effective DR is ... Access >>>

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