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Published: 16 Oct 2012

I recently implemented the latest version of NetBackup for a large client, and my experience mirrored that of other NetBackup users I've talked to: If you're currently using a pre-4.5 version of NetBackup, or are using another product that you're unhappy with, NetBackup 4.5 is a vast improvement. What's Hot Calendar scheduling Vastly improved Windows and Unix GUIs NetBackup Vault is fully integrated into NetBackup Lets you create up to 10 copies of each backup image A policy or schedule will use the first available storage unit in a group Motif interface is history Easier-to-use Oracle backup and recovery wizards The latest version lets users cancel jobs instead of killing them, and includes calendar-based scheduling and a fully integrated NetBackup Vault, as well as many others features. In fact, NetBackup 4.5 contains more than 100 new features and enhancements since NetBackup 3.4. I'll concentrate on features that have created the most discussion among current NetBackup users. One big difference between NetBackup 4.5 and its predecessors is the use of new... Access >>>

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