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Published: 29 Oct 2012

Is it time for you to declare independence from vendors? Although it has its pros, the cons could outweigh them Vendor independence seems like a great thing. After all, who wants to labor under the oppressive thumb of a dictatorial vendor who constantly over specifies hardware and overcharges you? Who wants the salesman across the table to know he's going to get the contract before the negotiations even begin? Still, there are benefits in introducing competitive storage vendors to your environment. The advantages boil down to these three points: Competing bids from multiple vendors can lower the price you pay; New technologies can be introduced to your environment when you want to bring them in, whether or not a specific vendor has endorsed them; Similarly, old technologies you rely on don't need to be retired just because one vendor has decided to give up on a particular market Independence has its pros, but there are cons lurking in the shadows. Most IT shops already have competing products from many vendors installed, but it's usually not by choice. ... Access >>>

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