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Published: 16 Oct 2012

You can take shots at various vendors, but one thing's for sure - the demand for storage isn't stopping now If the storage business stinks so badly, why is everyone in it? Maybe that's a tad self-serving, but if you think about it, it's true. Unless you own a landscaping company, chances are you use computers. Zeros and ones spinning around on some kind of disk drive becomes the root of all that's good - or evil - in your world. Even the landscaping company bills you from a computer, and probably uses CAD tools to lay out your rhododendrons. You take a digital photo of your baby, save it on your PC and then e-mail 87 copies to everyone in your address book. Fifty-seven megabytes lobbed around the world in no time (about 300MB if it was my kid - he's huge). Any idea how much data you generate when you book a flight on Orbitz? Your piddly little transaction spurs dozens of other transactions to the airlines, the frequent flyer clubs, the dreaded marketing people and of course, MCI, who somehow gets a hold of everything we ever do in order to sell us phone ... Access >>>

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