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Published: 20 Oct 2012

Tech bubble behind them, IT vendors are getting back to business Some called it the "new economy," but in the words of that great social commentator Cindy Lauper ... MONEY CHANGES EVERYTHING. Remember when you bought a cup of coffee and the lady behind the counter would ask, "Do you want sugar with that and what do think about Yahoo?" Remember when every meathead you met thought they were Gordon Gekko because they'd just parlayed $1,000 into $10,000 by buying into I do. I remember because for a few years the IT vendor world stopped caring about building successful products and companies, and chased the rainbow--which put us in a hole we're only now digging our way out of. When "How can we spend money faster?" is the most important thing to vendors, R&D will suffer. Who cares about solving problems and creating products when you're in a death match with for that overpriced building near the Highway 101 off-ramp? Isn't it more important to hire people than to have a reason to hire them? We're lucky the tech bubble burst or we'd ... Access >>>

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