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Published: 20 Oct 2012

Cutting storage costs is easy; making the cuts sustainable is the difficult part. MANY CLIENTS ASK US to "cut storage costs." Whether it's reducing the unit cost of storage, the overall total cost of ownership or the potential costly risks associated with poor storage management, it's easy for someone with the experience, sponsorship and time to identify cost-saving opportunities. But what happens after the project is completed? A typical cost-cutting initiative is a short-term success, driven by the need to produce immediate, tangible results. Surprisingly, however, these efforts are often long-term failures. The cutting tends to address the symptoms only, while overlooking--or even exacerbating--systemic issues that are less-readily apparent. Companies that aren't willing or ready to invest in sustainable solutions will find themselves going through the same cost-cutting exercise a year later. Here's how to move from short-term cost cutting to sustainable cost consciousness in your organization. For most IT managers, the pressure to reduce costs is ... Access >>>

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