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Published: 17 Oct 2012

Managing storage in SANs There's lots of talk about increasing storage utilization, but so far not many companies are doing a stellar job. The reason? Much of the focus on storage area networks (SANs) today revolves around the network management of SANs: LUN masking, zoning and volume discovery. Performing these tasks can take hours--if not days--to get everything right. Toss in a growing environment with different OS, clustered servers, interconnected switches and varying storage array vendors, and the possible networking permutations become quite complex. As a result, only lip service is paid to increasing storage utilization rates. Some current solutions such as EMC Control Center, CreekPath Systems CreekPath Suite and Veritas SANPoint Control claim to manage storage, but in reality, they manage and mask the existing networking complexity instead of improving storage utilization rates. That's not to minimize what these tools do. They provide valuable SAN infrastructure networking services such as visualization, performance management, device management ... Access >>>

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