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Published: 17 Oct 2012

Although it's not commonly done, we can all imagine what the benefits are from booting operating systems from a storage area network (SAN). From the more standardized approach of deploying new servers to a more instantaneous recovery of those servers, booting from the SAN gives an organization more choices in the way it manages server and storage infrastructures. Considering those benefits, as well as the management difficulties that existed before the advent of storage area networks, it would seem we all should start booting from the SAN. Instead, users are taking the tortoise approach to SAN-based system generation and the reasons are worth noting. In IT shops with hundreds--and when you consider mirrors, thousands--of OS disks to manage, booting from the SAN must be a technological boon. To understand that, let's look at JumpStart from Sun Microsystems Inc. as an example of an application that can be enhanced to take advantage of having boot disks on the SAN. Keep in mind that any volume management or backup and recovery application could bring this ... Access >>>

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