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Published: 17 Oct 2012

For most of IT history, information security was considered a minor issue within the overall IT scheme. Security was the domain of super geeks--cryptographers, network jocks and whiz kids. Storage people didn't need to pay attention to security paranoia because they managed captive devices connected to dedicated hosts over SCSI cables. Storage had its own sandbox with a particular language, technology and protection. Life was good. Fast forward to today. More and more storage is connected over growing networks. Yes, we still have our own nerdy technology, such as Fibre Channel (FC), but IP networks--along with their associated security risks--continue their constant ascent in the storage world. Want some examples? Today, most backups occur over private storage subnets. Remember all the hoopla about backing up over the storage area network (SAN)? That turned out to be a joke. Storage management interfaces are exposed through standard Ethernet interfaces and are often connected to the production LAN. Ethernet and IP are gaining popularity in remote mirroring ... Access >>>

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